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It's a good thing I didn't go w/ Jeff.... - Bleeding Heart

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January 14th, 2006

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11:21 am - It's a good thing I didn't go w/ Jeff....
Esperanza came over yesterday to try to calmly tell me that she and Josh had broken up. Of course, she ended up crying, but we got to go have fun, so I hope that cheered her up a bit. My good looking/talented coworker Patrick is looking for a pref. female roommate, so I gave him a call about Esperanza and who knows-if they end up sharing a place...I know, I know! I'm horrible! She just broke up w/ someone, so no setups. But still, if it happened, I certainly wouldn't mind those two for dinner buddies. But I'm getting ahead of myself, as always. We had some good italian food and went to see Brokeback Mountain. I don't know what the critics are all raving about; Ang Lee is my favorite director and I expect a lot from him after Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. This movie did not live up to his self-set standards. I thought it would focus more on the emotional aspect of the relationship, but there was a big emphasis on the physical part instead. There were some touching scenes, but the weight of what I saw in the physical scenes outweighs these. The first scene was very rough and crude. And why did it have to involve anal sex, esp. on the first tryst? It grosses me out to think of two men who have been sweating, getting dirty in the sticks, and sleeping with sheep having anal...I mean, it definitely gives me a bad visual of how they got their lubrication. And there's another scene where Jack goes to Mexico to sleep w/ a male prostitute. DISEASE! I know the film was set back in the day, but showing such dirtiness doesn't exactly improve stereotypes of gays. And then to really hit the tip of the iceberg when it came to my unfortunate visualization of constant anal sex, there was one scene where the cowboys are cooking corn. CORN. Writing anything else would no doubt violate Journal rules.

So yeah, a little disappointed in that way.

Brian went to Brandon's last night and I guess the plan wasn't NEBRASKA, but Arizona or New Mexico, which don't seem AS terrible, but we'll see. One of the first things Brandon said in response to Nebraska was, "What??? That's way too cold for me!" Hah! I'm so good!

Anyway, I convinced Brian to make breakfast w/o my help by telling him it would be more efficient for me to get ready while he cooked, so I'd better go. It'll be a fun day!
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